Corporate Events

Everything is media. So I leverage everything in order to improve content and engage participants.

Arcelor Mittal Leadership Conference
The Concept: Challenge assumptions. All of them. And start with the ones around the meeting itself.
Everything is media. So everything – from name tags to hotel room keys to event programs – is used to express the concept
and further the conversation.
If you encourage attendees to think big, you'd better provide a space equal to the task.
Massive display panels provide spaces for impromptu meetings and opportunities to communicate
new ways of thinking about every aspect of the business's operations. 
Laureate International Universities, Presidents & Rectors Meeting
Advance planning creates opportunities. By suspending a grid of aircraft wire across the entire ceiling, we were able to transform a ballroom from a dry meeting space to an enchanting dinner venue in just forty-five minutes. 
Host Hotels & Resorts, General Managers Meeting and Best In Class Awards
Normally, if you say “Powerpoint," eyes glaze over. But no one's did after I helped develop the content, visuals, and presentation timing for Host’s executive presentations during their annual GM's meeting and Best In Class awards gala. The AV team carried the color palette and image vocabulary throughout the staging.
Laureate International Universities, Leadership Summit
The event theme – Laureate 2.0, Imagine What We Can Do From Here – spoke to the changing nature of the company's mission and management. The radiating arch represented the company's growing global reach.
Together, they represented the type of visual branding necessary to keep all aspects of the event on message.
Displays throughout the event expanded on the theme through a whimsical play between words and imagery. 
More pictures, fewer words. That mantra helped make presentations more engaging and memorable.
What do you do when the CEO hires a band to entertain meeting attendees, but you don't have a venue?
Transform a former car repair garage into a South Beach night club. 
Notice how the fabric draped from the ceiling echoes the radiating lines from the event branding. I don't miss a thing.
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